Payment Policy

To organize the collection of funds and their subsequent transfer to a Creator, the Company seeks to conclude contracts with various payment providers that provide convenient and secure payment methods. The Company enters into these contracts on its own behalf, and therefore the Company is fully responsible for the execution of these contracts, including payment processing, refunds, and chargeback.

A Creator undertakes to compensate the Company for expenses incurred by the Company in connection with the execution of contracts with payment providers (fee of payment providers, refunds, chargeback) and therefore instructs the Company to deduct such expenses from the amount of funds to be transferred to a Creator.

The amount of fee for payment providers that accept funds from Followers is:

The amount of fee for payment providers that withdraw funds to a Creator are: •‎ transfer to a bank card — 1,5% plus 1.5 USD

Transaction Details
Subscription / Tip -10% of Tip and/or Subscription Amount
Payout on 25th day (or on the nearest business day)of the month;
on 10th day (or on the nearest business day) of the next month.

The Company transfers to the Creator all the funds collected by the Company if the total amount of funds for withdrawal to a bank card is equal to or exceeds 100 USD, and for withdrawal to a bank account is equal to or exceeds 100 USD

A Creator understands and agrees that the Company’s obligation to transfer the collected funds to a Creator arises only if the Company actually receives funds from Followers.

The Company undertakes to notify a Creator if it is impossible to transfer funds to a Creator due to the invalidity of the payment details provided by a Creator. In this case, a Creator is obliged to provide the Company with new, valid payment details. The Company has the right to suspend the transfer of funds to a Creator until new, valid payment details are received from a Creator.

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